June 24 free Webinar “What Evolution Does and Does Not Tell Us about Humans” by Simon Conway Morris (Now on youtube)

This exciting event is a talk followed by Q&A on June 24 by Prof. Simon Conway Morris of Cambridge University that you can register to attend by Zoom.  Prof. Conway Morris is a world-renowned evolutionary biologist and a believing Christian. 

THIS LECTURE CAN NOW BE VIEWED ON YOUTUBE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDBjTSQSYTc&t=422s
What Evolution Does and Does Not Tell Us about Humans
Wednesday, June 24th
12 p.m. CDT (-5 GMT)
Online, via Zoom
Does evolution fully explain the human? The evolution of hominids, and the developments that led to modern humans, present a uniquely fascinating story in the history of life. Recent paleontological and archeological work traces the deep lineages underlying many of our physical traits, and reveals our complicated history as one of many hominid species. It is abundantly clear that modern humans are subject to the same evolutionary pressures as the rest of the biological world and that evolution continues to shape our species. However, this developing story of our evolutionary history is frequently framed as a challenge to the claim of human uniqueness, fundamental to the Judeo-Christian understanding of the creation of man. Does evolution truly undercut the assumption of human uniqueness? Is our understanding of biological evolution sufficient to explain what makes us human? Join us for an onine lecture with evolutionary paleobiologist, Simon Conway Morris, as he examines “What Evolution Does and Does not Tell Us about Humans.”