April 28 free webinar: "Disease and the Problem of Evil"

An exciting opportunity to participate in a free webinar sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute and co-sponsored by the Society of Catholic Scientists and several other groups.  The title of the webinar is “Disease and the Problem of Evil.”  It will take place Tuesday, April 28, 6:00 PM East Coast time (22:00 GMT)

This webinar is a live, moderated conversation between two noted scholars, Stephen Meredith and Jeffrey Bishop.  (Prof. Meredith is a member of the Executive Board of SCS.)

You can learn more about the event and register online here


Once you register, you will be sent a link that enables you to join the webinar on zoom.

Whether caused by pathogens, environmental exposure, or genetics, disease is typically understood to be an unwarranted and unwanted removal from one’s normal condition of good health. While a natural phenomenon, disease raises classic questions of theodicy. If illness is a privation of the good of health, should we also understand disease to be an evil? How can science, theology, philosophy, and literature help us to account for the occurrence of deadly diseases and the suffering that results from them?

In this moderated conversation, Stephen Meredith, professor of pathology and molecular biology at the University of Chicago (and SCS Board member), and Jeffrey Bishop, healthcare ethicist and professor in philosophy and theology at Saint Louis University, will engage these questions and others surrounding disease and the problem of evil.