Announcing Symposium on Thomistic Philosophy and Natural Science

This SYMPOSIUM will bring together scientists and philosophers to explore how the perspectives on nature of modern science and Thomistic philosophy may enrich each other.  The Symposium is being held in conjunction with the 2018 Conference of the Socety of Catholic Scientists. Symposium dates: June 5 to June 8; SCS Conference dates: June 8 to June 10. The Symposium venue (The Dominican House of Studies) and the SCS Conference venue (The Catholic University of America) are a few minutes walk from each other.  Attendees of the SCS conference and all others interested who are graduate students or advanced undergraduates in natural science or philosophy are encouraged TO APPLY to attend the Symposium.  Whereas it is expected that the SCS Conference will have space for all all SCS members who wish to attend, space at the Symposium is more limited; therefore those wishing to attend the Symposium should keep in mind that Symposium applications have an April 1 deadline.