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Adam and Eve and Evolution

Prof. Kemp reviews a recent book on how to reconcile traditional Christian teaching about Adam and Eve and Original Sin with the facts about human origins discovered by modern evolutionary biology and genertics.

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The Catholic Tradition and Science

This article explores two consistent principles that have guided her understanding of the relation of faith and science.

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The Faith-Science "War" Debunked

This article explores the 19th-century origins of the myth that the Church has historically been "at war" with modern science. 

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St. Augustine and the Beginning of Time

St. Augustine was fifteen centuries ahead of his time in his thinking on the nature of time.

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What if modern science had started differently?

The Copernican Revolution was not what you think.

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Science, Beauty and Contemplation

The real roots of science lie in wonder at the beauty of the cosmos, which also the cure to reductionism ideology.

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Saint John Henry Newman: A Co-patron for Scientists?

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Christianity in Scientific Mythology

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