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COMING UP IN FEB-MAY 2021:  Articles by Sofia Carozza, Peter Harrison, Michael Tkacz, Aaron Schurger.   



A Physicist's Faith

A republication of a 1946 article by Physics Nobel Prize winner Victor F. Hess, in which he discusses his Catholic faith.

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Christian Foundations of the Idea of Laws of Nature

A historian expains how the concept of "laws of nature" has roots in Christian belief.  

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Confession of a Catholic Neuroscientist

A Catholic scientist explains how scientific work can be a training ground for a life of faith.

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Monsignor Georges Lemaître, Originator of the Big Bang Theory

The scientific community is now recognizing the enormous achievement of the humble priest (and brilliant theoretical physicist) Georges Lemaître who proposed the Big Bang theory 90 years ago.

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On What Atheists Say There Is

Some people argue that it is irrational to believe in God, since his existence cannot be tested empirically.  Does this argument make philosophical sense?

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“Nothing but…” Reductionism is Not Good Science: Why I as a neuroscientist reject reductionism.

A neuroscientist explains why he rejects the radical reductionism that claims to explain away the mind as "nothing but" the motion of matter..

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God and Cosmic Order

The orderliness, lawfulness, harmony and beauty of the cosmos gives evidence of God.  

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Adam and Eve and Evolution

Prof. Kemp reviews a recent book on how to reconcile traditional Christian teaching about Adam and Eve and Original Sin with the facts about human origins discovered by modern evolutionary biology and genertics.

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The Catholic Tradition and Science

This article explores two consistent principles that have guided her understanding of the relation of faith and science.  This is a sequel to the article "The Faith-Science War Debunked."

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The Faith-Science "War" Debunked

This article explores the 19th-century origins of the myth that the Church has historically been "at war" with modern science.  This is the first of a pair of articles: the second is "The Catholic Tradition and Science."

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St. Augustine and the Beginning of Time

St. Augustine was fifteen centuries ahead of his time in his thinking on the nature of time.

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What if modern science had started differently?

The Copernican Revolution was not what you think.

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Science, Beauty and Contemplation

The real roots of science lie in wonder at the beauty of the cosmos, which also the cure to reductionism ideology.

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Saint John Henry Newman: A Co-patron for Scientists?

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Christianity in Scientific Mythology

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