2019 SCS Conference

Jun 79, 2019
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556


The third annual conference of the Society of Catholic Scientists will be held on June 7-9, 2019 at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN, USA. It is open to all SCS members and Scholar Associates.

Conference Theme 

The main theme of the conference will be “What does it mean to be human?”  This includes such questions as What is “human nature”? When did it appear? Did Neanderthals and other archaic species of Homo have it? When does an individual human life begin? Can human nature be changed by genetic engineering? In what ways are humans unique on earth? Are we unique in the cosmos?  These questions will be explored from the point of view of biology, paleoanthropology, philosophy, theology, and other disciplines.  There will be invited and contributed talks on this theme. (Poster presentations do not have to be on the main theme, but can be on other topics pertain to science and faith. See “Submitting Abstracts” below.)

Conference Program and Schedule

Conference Program and Schedule (preliminary)

There will be six invited talks of 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes Q&A) and an equal number of contributed talks of 25 minutes (plus 5 minutes Q&A).  In addition, there will be two Poster Sessions.  


Speakers' Biographies


The Opening Reception (and registration) on the evening of Friday, June 7, will be in Morris Inn on the Notre Dame campus. All conference lectures (except the banquet lecture) will be in the auditorium of McKenna Hall. Breakfasts and lunches will be in the dining room of Mckenna Hall.  The Conference Banquet on Saturday evening (preceded by cocktails and followed by the banquet lecture) will be in the Smith Ballroom of Morris Inn.  McKenna Hall is right across the street from Morris Inn, and Welsh Family Hall (where the dorms for the conference are) is just behind Morris Inn. So everything is conveniently close together. See campus map: https://map.nd.edu/#/placemarks/1155/zoom/18/lat/41.69855963022063/lon/-86.2384805753937

Lodging and Registration

An online Registration Page is open for SCS members, SCS Scholar Associates, and special invited guests of the SCS Board (all of whom should have received a link for it by e-mail. If you have not, contact smbarr@bartol.udel.edu  ) At the Registration Page it is possible to pay both registration and dorm fees, as well as to indicate dates of arrival and departure, and special dietary and other requirements. The registration fee is $150, discounted to $75 for undergrad and grad student members of SCS, and $0 for priests and religious. Single and multi-occupancy dorm rooms will be available in Welsh Family Hall in sufficient numbers for all attendees. See campus map: https://map.nd.edu/#/placemarks/1155/zoom/18/lat/41.69855963022063/lon/-86.2384805753937  Single dorm rooms will cost $54/night and double-occupancy dorm rooms will cost $40/night per person. For those who wish to arrive a day early (to acclimate from jet lag, for instance) there will be some dorm rooms that can be reserved for the night of June 6 and subsequent nights. For those who prefer a hotel to a dorm, there will be blocks of hotel rooms for this conference available in Morris Inn and Fairfield Inn. 

Submitting Abstracts for Posters

The schedule of lectures is complete, but if you wish to present a poster, please submit an abstract of no more than 200 words in an editable Word document to smbarr@bartol.udel.edu. Poster presentations may be on any topic pertaining to science and faith. For both talks and posters, abstracts are favored that are not technical research presentations aimed at specialists in one area.  Abstracts for poster presentations can be submitted through the end of April. There will be two Poster Sessions at the conference. (See "Conference Program and Schedule.")