2018 conference event details

 "Arguments for the Immateriality of the Mind" --- Edward Feser  [original video]

“The Role of the Observer in Quantum Mechanics” --- Stephen M. Barr [re-recorded video]

"Randomness in Quantum Phenomena" --- Valerio Scarani  [original video]

“Fifty Years Without Free Will”  – Aaron Schurger  [video of a version of the same talk given at TSC 2016]

“On the Question of Whether the Mind Can be Mechanized" --- Peter Koellner 

“Inside the Brain, Inside the Earth: the work of Bl. Nicolaus Steno” ---  Andrew A. Sicree  [video of slides of talk]

“Integral ecology as a restoration of man’s proper role in creation” --- Kara D. Lamb 

"Black Holes and the Structure of Spacetime" --- Juan Martín Maldacena 

“Poetic Naturalism versus Non-physical Reality” --- Michael B. Dennin  [re-recorded video]

“The Freedom of the Physical World: Are You a Machine?” --- Craig S. Lent  [re-recorded video]

“Mind First: Why the Decoherence Program Entails Copenhagen Interpretation” --- Javier Sánchez-Cañizares  [re-recorded video]

2018 conference event details