Important Catholic Scientists of the Past

About these biographies

In preparing this curated set of biographies, we have striven to satisfy five criteria:

  • to include only scientists for whom we have found clear and reliable evidence that they were believing and practicing Catholics.
  • to include only scientists who made important contributions or breakthroughs;
  • to explain in a broadly accessible and scientifically accurate way what makes each of these scientists important in the history of science, and where possible give some biographical details that reflect their faith;
  • to make the biographies brief, readable, and concise (they average about 300 words);
  • to make the biographies historically accurate and balanced.

It is our hope that these biographies will be useful to teachers, students, and the general public.

--- Stephen M. Barr and Andrew Kassebaum

Some useful resources for further study

Further information about these scientists can be found in many reference works. Some useful resources are