Watch recordings of the Oct 20 and Nov 14 Steno Lectures! And Register for the February 24 lecture by Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Director of the Vatican Observatory, who will speak about "The Impact of Asteroids"..

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List of Gold Masses in November 2020

Several Gold Masses are being celebrated this November.  Becaue of COVID, they are being held with social distancing and several are being livestreamed or zoomed.  Some have opted to celebrate them in the Spring semester.

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SCS "Steno Lecture" on Extraterrestrial Life (November 14)

November 14, Saturday, at 1:30 PM US Eastern time: Free zoom lecture and webinar on “Extraterrestrial Life: The Science and the Theology.”   

Might Extraterrestrial life exist? Where? How would we search for it? (Do we already have evidence of it?)  Could such life have human-level intelligence? If Extraterrestrial intelligent life (or “ETI” life) exists, what would be its theological implications?

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